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01_层叠的木空间 Layered wooden space ©Luz Images.jpg
07_木质廊洞看向玄关 view to entry from the wooden portal ©Luz Images.jpg
14_观景榻 Scenic seating deck ©尺度森林S.F.A.jpg
Nanjing Resi 4.jpg

▲  one room one garden

objects diagram phase 1.png
House of Crafts 4.jpg

▲  House of Crafts

Cluster 3A.png
Cluster 3B.png
10 Degree 7.png

▲  ±10°

Yicai Kindergarten 6.png
Yicai Kindergarten 3.jpeg
Yicai Kindergarten1.JPG
Yicai Kindergarten 2.jpg

▲  FuJian Kindergarden

Liba 6.jpg
Liba 7.jpg
Liba 2.jpg
Liba 11.jpg

▲  "篱笆” LiBA Back Rest

Grid Structure 1.JPG
Grid Structure 4.JPG
Grid Structure 3.JPG
Grid Structure 2.jpg

▲  LEaf - Grid Structure
Work finished at City Form Lab / Research & Workshop Teaching

Caramel's Tower 9.jpg
Caramel's Tower 2.jpg
Caramel's Tower 1.jpg
Caramel's Tower 3.jpg

▲  Caramel's house
Work finished at AI Space Factory 

Stooges 0.jpg
Stooges 1.jpg


From M2E 1.jpg
From M2E 2.jpg

▲  From Mars to Earth 
Exhibition Design Finished at AI Space Factory 

Bloom Bin 1.jpg
Bloom Bin 10.jpg

▲  ​bloom bin

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