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Gu Jia, founder of S.F.A(Scale Forest Atelier), has carried out design practices in Boston, New York, Copenhagen, and Shanghai, covering installations, exhibitions, interiors, and architecture. In her spare time, she is a potter. Jia received Master of Architecture degree from Harvard Graduate School of Design. 


尺度森林S.F.A合伙人,芬兰阿尔托大学建筑学硕士,拥有从城市到乡村的多元实践经历,曾工作于芬兰Aihio Arkkitedhdit Oy建筑事务所、Foster + Partners建筑事务所。闲暇时为木工。

Zhong Shan, founder of S.F.A(Scale Forest Atelier). He has diverse design and construction experience from urban to rural areas. He has worked in Aihio Arkkitedhdit Oy Architects in Finland and Foster + Partners Architects in Shanghai. In his spare time, he is a carpenter. Shan received Master of Architecture degree from Aalto University, Finland.

媒体发布 Media Publications

- 入选《安邸AD》杂志AD 100 YOUNG 2022中国最具影响力建筑与室内设计新锐,2022

   AD 100 YOUNG 2022

- 一室亦园,刊登于台湾《漂亮家居》2022年8月号杂志

   One room one garden, published in <My Home> 2022/08

- 入选 2021新锐榜|来自上海的15家建筑事务所,有方,2022.01.23

   2021 Young studio list|15 architecture studios from Shanghai, Position, 2022.01.23

- 一室亦园,南京公寓改造,发布于构架、谷德、建日筑闻、等媒体 2022

   One room one garden, apartment interior renovation in Nanjing, published by Frame, goooood, archdaily 2022


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